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Bail Bond Agency Serving Stafford, VA

Post bail quickly by turning to our bail bond agent in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, & All Surrounding Counties, for 24-hour bail bonds. We assist you in getting your loved ones released from jail as quickly as possible while relieving you from the stress.
Person in Jail - 24 hour bail bondsman Fredericksburg, VA / 24 hour bail bondsman Spotsylvania, VA

Also Serving Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg

All Night & Day Bailbonds specializes in providing 24-hour bail bonds. We understand that people make mistakes. In fact, sometimes those mistakes land them in jail. Still, it does not mean it has to be the end of the road.

Allow our licensed agent to guide you through the entire process and work with you on making any financial arrangements. We help to release you from jail as soon as possible.

The Process

After a person is in custody, the magistrate or court sets a bail amount based upon the alleged offense. It's the court's way of making sure the defendant appears at their scheduled court date once they are released from jail.

Types of Bonds

The team at All Night & Day Bailbonds serves all courts and local jails in Virginia. That includes Pamunkey and Rappahannock jail. We work with felony, misdemeanor, traffic, and appeal bonds. In addition, we also offer free confidential bail advice.
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